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Leonardo and Milan: Drawings from the Guise Collection - CLOSED

The collections at Christ Church Picture Gallery are founded on the major bequest of old master paintings and drawings from the 18th century military figure, General John Guise. This includes an impressive group of drawings by Leonardo and many by his close pupils and followers. The exhibition Leonardo and Milan: Drawings from the Guise Collection will look at Leonardo’s artistic achievements and practice.

The exhibition is part of a larger itinerary around Oxford, entitled Leonardo and Oxford: Discovering the World of Leonardo in Oxford’s collections. Other Oxford museums participating in the itinerary are The Ashmolean Museum, Magdalen College, The Museum of the History of Science and The University of Oxford Botanic Garden.

Exhibition dates

09 Aug 2006 - 05 Nov 2006

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Christ Church Picture Gallery
Oxford OX1
Tel: (+44) 01865 276172
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London & Oxford weekend – 4 days
· View the major Universal Leonardo exhibits in the UK
· Enjoy privileged access to major exhibitions in the company of top scholars
· Appreciate the art historical riches of London and Oxford

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