Caradosso medal</em> showing the design of St Peter’s by Donato Bramante, 1506<br />
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Second Milanese period 1506/08 - 1513

Arbitrators are appointed regarding a dispute over the price of the Virgin of the Rocks.

On 18th August Charles II Amboise, Governor of Milan, writes to the Signoria of Florence requesting Leonardo’s services and in early September Leonardo sets out for Milan.

Leonardo probably begins his Leda and the Swan.

Death of Andrea Mantegna, Paduan painter and graphic artist who became court artist at Mantua under the patronage of the Gonzaga. It is likely that Mantegna’s mastery of perspective, sculptural form and classical subject-matter were well known to Leonardo.

Donato Bramante is commissioned to design and build the new basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome.