Map of the New World, Martin Waldseemüller
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Second Milanese period 1506/08 - 1513

On 26th July Florimond Robertet intervenes in Leonardo’s dispute with the Signoria of Florence over the unfinished Battle of Anghiari project. He requests on behalf of the French King the presence in Milan of “our dear and well-loved Leonardo da Vinci painter and engineer of our trust”.

On 18th September Leonardo meets the young nobleman Francesco Melzi from Vaprio d’Adda, who was to be his devoted pupil, companion and major heir.

Leonardo returns to Florence. During the winter he dissects the body of an old man, supposedly 100 years old, at the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova.

Pope Julius II begins the sale of ‘indulgences’ to finance the building of St. Peter’s in Rome.

Martin Waldseemüller publishes a Map of the New World as ‘America’.