The creation of Adam</em>, Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo, 1510<br />
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Second Milanese period 1506/08 - 1513

By 23rd April Leonardo has returned to Milan to serve Louis XII.

On 18th August Giovan Ambrogio da Predis and Leonardo receive permission to remove the Virgin of the Rocks, which is newly installed in the chapel of San Francesco il Grande in Milan, so that Giovan Ambrogio can copy it, under Leonardo’s supervision.

Leonardo submits a design for the Trivulzio equestrian monument.

Leonardo probably began to paint St John the Baptist, which may not have been finished until 1516, and the Madonna, Child, St Anne and a Lamb, probably his last painting.

Leonardo begins Paris Manuscripts D and F.

Probable date for the lost Libro A, which provided the foundation for the treatise On Painting compiled by Francesco Melzi, known as the Codex Urbinas Latinus, Biblioteca Leonardiana.

Michelangelo begins painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.